Benefit and How to Cultivated Semah Fish.

Talking about fish we can separated them from how usefull the fish for our health.

The fish it containing omega 3 which were good for children and the brain. In addition Omega 3 it use to banned cholesterol on our body.

Spiritatlantic loved to share the knowledge about the fish. And you know what?habitat of fish decided how health the fish to be consumption.

Half of them containing mercury, and sea fish is the most of fish which were containing by mercury. And all of fish which were live a long of the river it will be affected with Industrial Waste, volcano and mining activity.

Fish where lived and river on mountain is the most recommended specially fish from west Kalimantan. Because we do not have volcano, Industry and mining in a mountain. So that the fish were lived in mountain's river at Kalimantan Barat it the most recommended by spiritatlantic. One of the is Semah Fish.

Semah Fish it known as,"Fish of Nobleman". Caused in the old time, the nobles at Dayak and Malay always serve the guest with this fish. Sweetiest flavor, thick flesh it made this fish being hunted by foodies.

Because of renowed, is said Governoor of West Kalimantan bring in this fish from Kapuas Hulu to Pontianak to serve dinner of Megawati Soekarnoputri, the former presiden of Republic Indonesia.

River fish were lived in clear river at a mountains. This fish clasified of luxurious fish cause the prices. In Malaysia price of this fish amount 400 ringgit per kilogram. When Spiritatlantic come to market at Putusibau (A local market) the price of semah with silver scale on the belly, it amount 1,8 milion rupiah per kilogram.

Weighed of this fish can reach one kilogram per year. Many people try to cultivate them but ended in failure. This time spiritatlantic will gived you tips how to cultivate Semah Fish in your ponds.

Actually, this fish isn't too difficult to cultivated even not need to spawning after swarming, not like a rat fish whom were canibal, semah will not harm the kind of them. But the most important to know about this fish is the cleanliness water at the ponds and circulation of water  were must continuously flowing.

 Spiritatlantic it reminding you about water's temperature which must stayed cool, so the fish it always feel lived on the their own habitat. For the feed, you can gived them palet or worm to raised the fish. But when the time had come to harvest you must change the food with kangkung and any other hydrophytes to make the flesh more sweet. Have nice try (spiritatlantic).